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How To Pick A Career Using Face Reading

Career Happiness Means A Good Match

Are you young and wondering what careers match your personality? Or have you started your career and found that it just doesn’t fit you?  Then using some face reading tricks to figure out your Myers Briggs type might just be the way to see what careers you would be good and happy with.

The Dalai Llama in his book “The Art Of Happiness At Work” said that you are happiest at work when you are doing something you are good at. In short, if you are good at something, you get a lot of positive feedback from the world and this makes you happy.

While there are a lot of aspects to you that make you good or bad at something, such as physical prowess, coordination, brain power or background, your personality is one of the big factors that many people do not understand. In the US, the Myers Briggs type is used by career counselors to guide people into work that they are emotionally suited for.


side of face for face reading MBTI

Myers Briggs Basics

The test divides people into 16 types. Obviously we all have different personalities, so this is not an exact science, but it gives counselors a fast way to figure out what list of work might be best suited for a given person.

E vs I: the big one is Extrovert vs. Introvert.  Introvert used to be a dirty word, but now, thanks to people like Bill Gates, nerds rule.  There is a whole book written on the power of introversion called “Quiet” that is really excellent at explaining the difference. Introverts can’t process and receive information at the same time because the receive so much of it at once. That is why they often have to control the level of information in order to get anything done, like read one thing in a quiet space.

S vs N: sensing; fact oriented vs Intuitive, gut oriented

F vs T: feeler, social decisions vs thinker, logical decisions

J vs P: judger, quick decider vs. perceiver, slow decider

side of face for face reading MBTI

Myers Briggs and Face Reading

Use the information face reading information on this page to find out what your Myers Brigs type is.  Click on the link to read it.

It is best to look at a side view snap shot of your face to figure this out. Ask a friend to take a side “mug shot” of you from several feet away, since many selfie cameras distort the face quite a bit.

“Why not just take a test on the web?” you ask. I find that the tests are not as accurate as the face reading. Many people kind of know what answers make them a certain type and they want to be a certain type so answer wrong. Also the tests are not very well written often.  People also compare themselves to others who are more of a type then they are. For example, people will say “I am an introvert compared to all the other people I work with”, but if you work in an extroverted field like sales or law or something, that is not a good test.

Myers Briggs and Careers

Most people are not totally one type or another. When you take a test, you typically are assigned a percent for each of the 4 letters you score for. For example, if you are an ambivert, you would come up as 50% E (or 50% I depending on the test I guess).

So pick a few types that you think you are and read up on the different ones.  See if any of them seem like a match to you. You still might be in denial though. I knew someone who was a total ST type and was always insisting they were NF, despite reading about the different types.

I found this book “Just Your Type” has a great introduction that really helps you find what type you are without a test.

Once you pick a type, google your type plus the word “careers” so find out what people recommend for your type.

I like this site for MBTI information on careers and romance.


If the jobs don’t seem right to you, then go back to the face reading and ignore the description.

Someone I know who insists that they are INFJ is super happy as an accountant and part-time detective, which is totally ISTJ.  Their face reading would have led them to that conclusion, not the MBTI test or their readings of the various type descriptions.  And the extrovert who has always tested as an introvert, is happy doing constant criminal trials, something only an extrovert who can think on their feet can do. The test failed them but the face reading did not.


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed career counselor. Just someone who has studied face reading and Myers Briggs on their own.

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