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How To Unlock Seat Belt After An Accident

How to unlock seatbelt after an accident on a salvaged car:

Here is a video that demonstrated what to do in that situation

Simple step by step instructions on how to unlock your seat belt after an accident while you are in the car:

You’re driving, not paying attention to what you’re doing, and then suddenly a car flashes in front of you; you hit the brakes but it’s too late.

How to Unlock Seat Belt after an Accident

When the worst comes it’s important to be prepared. One of the most overlooked ways of being prepared is to know how to take off your seat belt before attempting to escape the vehicle.

Many people in the panic of the situation forget to take of their seat belts and waste valuable seconds that could mean the difference between life and death.

Now then there are many different types of accidents, sadly I can’t go over them all, but here are some of the basics; An accident where you’re pinned, an accident when you’re trapped in a sinking vehicle, and an accident with another vehicle.

These types of accidents can be fatal, and without proper understanding of how to escape the vehicle and release the seat belt these situations can turn for the worst. Luckily being mentally prepared can limit these wasted moments, and save your life as well as the lives around you.

Here are some steps to help prepare you for an accident that resulted in a submerged or partially submerged vehicle:

Submerged Car after AccidentStep One:

Assess the situation, often times we act rash and without truly knowing what we are in for.

Check the windows, doors, warped metal, and then on everyone within the vehicle. This step is extremely important especially when you need to help the others inside your vehicle, and then quickly escape the vehicle.

Step Two:

Quickly and promptly open the window, and take off everyone’s seat belt.

If anyone else is panicking your calm directions could make a difference between whether or not they will ultimately live. You have a choice between smashing the window, or opening it; in the first case your seat belts metal could be used as a tool to smash open the window and escape.

Car AccidentAn accident where you end up pinned:

Step One:

Similar to being submerged always make sure to assess the situation, but specifically to make note of which part of your body is pinned and if escape is possible.

Once you go through the basics of this, identify where best to escape the vehicle; in this example we will be using the window again, but you may need to use the door, windshield, or another escape route.

Step Two:

If escape is possible begin either rolling the window down or shattering the glass, with an emergency glass breaker if you have one, then lean back and slowly unbuckle your seat belt. Pace yourself, breathe, and focus on the task ahead; panicking will only waste breath and time.

Once you have taken off your seat belt exit through the window. If you are unable to take off the seat belt, but have a nearby knife cut the seat belt off positioning the seat belt on the edge of your elbow and slicing outward whilst being careful not to harm yourself.

If you need to cut the seat belt off, but don’t have a knife try using the nearby scrap metal or focus on positioning the seat belt so you can squirm out of it; make sure not to cut yourself as loss of blood will only dull your senses further.

SeatbeltAn Accident as a result of a collision between two vehicles:

Step one:

Always assess the situation before you proceed, not assessing the situation can result in wasted time and effort.

In this case the glass windshield may already be fractured or shattered. It is important to note if escape through the front is possible, and or if it is far too dangerous to risk. Look into all viable options whether that be the door, window, or through another exit.

Step Two:

Briskly unbuckle the seat belt on you, and any other passengers before attempting to leave the vehicle; once you are sure that the seat belt is cleared out of the way, proceed to exit via either the windows, door, or front windshield, or any other exit available.

child Safety Seat Placement inside CarNow those are just the basics; in some situations you might be able to simply take off the seat belt but in others you may need to cut it off; or even slide it off.

What’s important is that you are aware of the steps and procedures to take before exiting the vehicle and aware that the seat belt, whilst it can save your life; without proper knowledge of how to take it off and when, it may be the end of it.

If you were hurt in a car accident, make sure to contact a good personal injury attorney in your area.


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