How To See Who Liked You On Tinder

How to see who likes you on TinderHow to see who liked you on Tinder?

The usual way:

When using the Tinder application it can be confusing to find out who liked you. Ordinarily, you have to like them first in order to see if they liked you.  You “like” someone by swiping right on their photo or by marking that you like them by clicking the heart icon. If they also liked you then there is a match and Tinder will let you know.

I’ve gone out of my way to scour the internet to find some pretty awesome tricks to find out who likes you on Tinder even before they like you.

Tinder Notifications:

Tinder NotificationsWhenever you receive a like that creates a match, or a “super like”, Tinder will send you an email notification. While you can disable this function in your settings it is recommended not to as it is the easiest way to see who has liked you.

All you have to do is click the notification and the app will automatically start; then go to your matches and see who has liked you.

Tinder secret strategyTinder Secret Strategy:

A little known way of finding if someone else has liked your profile is through liking the first few people you are shown each day.

Let me explain, Tinder will serve up the people who have liked you since you last opened the app right at the beginning each time you log in. This provides a level of instant satisfaction.

So all you have to do is go through your list, like all or some of them back and a match will be formed. The few downsides to this are simple, if no one has liked you, they won’t show up on your list of people to like.  Also if you don’t actually like them you will show up as a match and they may contact you.

Other Applications That Work With Tinder

Yes, people have created other applications to show you who liked you before Tinder does. Examples are the applications “Flame for Tinder” and “Bonfire”. These applications hack into Tinder directly so that you can view who has liked you.

While they are controversial, they do provide you information that is otherwise not available over Tinder directly. The reliability and functionality of these applications varies greatly, since they rely on stealing privacy information from Tinder.

The downside of this method is that by using their application you support stealing privacy information from Tinder.

Tinder FAQPopular Questions Asked:

Is Matched the same as Liked on Tinder?

A match is when both parties, you and the person you are liking, have liked each other via the app.

So while finding a match is not quite the same as simply finding someone who has liked you, it does indicate that someone has liked you.

Tinder is designed with privacy in mind, therefore you shouldn’t, without help of a third party program, be able to see if someone likes you without you liking them. This maintains Tinder’s discreet element.  This is especially important to many young female dating site users who often get bombarded, night and day, with requests from much older men they are not interested in dating.

This means you can’t normally see if someone has liked you, but you can see when both of you like each other, resulting in a match; the only exception to this rule being “super-likes” which you can use once a day.

Is a Super Like the same as a Regular Like, and what is a Super Like anyway?

The short answer no, the long answer is kind of; let me explain. A “super like” is a feature that was added in late 2015 as a way to boost the success rate of matches. You only get to use one a day, so receiving one means someone else has highlighted you as someone they “Super Liked” that day.  It may be an indication that you are the type of person that that person goes for. If that person is also your type, then you are in luck.

In my opinion, dating apps like Tinder have the advantage over meeting people in day to day activities in one very important way.  You are more likely to find someone whose type you are and whose type is yours (if you have one…not everyone does) then you would just going to bars and meeting people in classes or whatever. At least on the physical attraction level, its a start. Then you can meet in person to decide if you are intellectually and emotionally attracted to each other, assuming you want that kind of connection in your life at this moment.

Super Likes function the same as any other like. With a super like the other person still needs to like you back in order for a match to form, and communication is still barred until then.

The difference is, you can see the other person has liked you before you like them because a notification will pop up. Also they will have a highlighted blue profile outline.Tinder refers to these likes as “super powers”, but really they are just enhanced likes.

Tinder makes finding someone who liked you, super easy to handle by utilizing its great G.U.I.


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