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How To Find Inspiration To Get Things Done

Why do you need to get inspiration?

We probably all have a long list of to do’s, either in our head, on a piece of paper or on a spreadsheet somewhere.  Sometimes we just lack the will power to move forward on them.  Taking some time out seems to help you break through and start doing stuff again.

Part of the reason I feel that we don’t get things done is that in the back of our mind we realize that

a. It’s not worth doinglist

b. There is a better way to do it

c. If we wait, the problem we are attempting to fix will fix itself.

I often find that I remove things on my list after awhile for these very reasons.  I realize that I really don’t have the energy needed to do the thing I wanted to do and I don’t want to pay someone to do it.  Sometimes it seems like fate that I waited. Things just resolve themselves in a way that I never could have foreseen when I put the “To Do” on my list.

What to do for inspiration

Basically you want to do things that relax and educate you on whatever springs to mind.  I read a book in the 80s that was written by psychologists who were hired to teach the budding computer program industry on how to be more creative. The book said that when you play you become creative.  Being creative helps you look at your life in a new way and then leads you to find new solutions to the problems you notice.

Relaxation = creative work

That formula is the reason that so many work places have adopted strategies to relax and entertain their knowledge/creative workers; something that was unheard of pre-80s.  That ping pong table and all the other fun goodies in your office are really there to help the company help you to have fun and feel more creative energy.

nature hike path

Specific Ideas On Finding Inspiration

  1. Go on a walk, preferably out in nature: I find my best ideas come when I walk at the nature park near my house.  Not only are you sending fresh blood to your brain, you are relieving stress and centering yourself
  2. Watch random YouTube videos: I do this on my TV these days since I have unplugged and can use my Roku TV to watch YouTube videos that I can upload from my account on my smartphone.  I recently got inspired by watching Dave Ramsey videos to write more articles.
  3. Go to a part of town that has buildings that are not uniform.  For some reason the change in the way that everyone keeps their houses can jolt your brain into new patterns.
  4. Go to a thrift shop, antique show or art show. Again, the variety of things there jogs the brain in new ways.
  5. Do whatever it is that relaxes you the most. You know what this is; just go out and do it!  If you feel guilty, remind yourself that it will make you more efficient.
  6. Take a vacation. Americans take less vacation then any European state. Italy has the most vacation and is the most productive. That can’t be a coincidence.  I recommend small business owners give more vacation to get more out of their employees, not less.


Amazon has some great books on getting inspired.

Here is a cool video with another person’s take on how to get inspired:


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